Key for successful business solutions

Human Resources Management

* Organisation and implementation of the process of job candidates’ selection,

* Support in the preparation and creation of tools in the field of HR management,

* work post systematisation and regulation of legal employment status and the process of evaluating the workers’ success,

* HR expenses – planning, monitoring of realisation, awarding system,

* facilitating the governance processes – problem-resolving, decision-making, advancement of the applied working methods and decision-making procedures;

* mediation – professional support in resolving the conflict situations;

Professional development

* Training programmes, planning and organisation of internal and external activities,

* Team building, organisation and implementation of workshops for improvement of corporate governance, human relations and team work,

* Organisation and implementation of professional training and internship programmes,

* HR events,

* Coaching;

Management of organisational development

* Analysing the existing organisational structure in relation with the business strategy and advising with the purpose of advancing its efficiency,

* Advising in the process of introducing and implementing the organisational changes at all levels,

* Support in the process of reorganisation and restructuring,

* Crisis management – professional support in crisis management in the organisation,

* Projects, governance defining and advancing, organisational development and strategic planning.

Mision and Vision